I just stumbled across this gorgeous idea…. bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses made from seersucker!! What a gorgeous look for a simple rustic style wedding.  For those of you scratching your head asking “what is seersucker?” – seersucker is a cotton fabric, traditionally with either a stripe or checkered pattern that is lovely and lightweight for summer clothing and has a slight pucker in it.
When it comes to bridal gowns, I think you can’t go past a lovely simple elegant style with just a splash of detail.  Michelle Roth has two gowns made from seersucker which are absolutely stunning. 

Seersucker bridesmaid gowns look great in a simple knee length style and how wonderful would it be to actually have a bridesmaid dress you could wear again and again!!

Compared to silks and other fine fabrics seersucker is ridiculously affordable which makes having a custom dress much more reasonably priced.

In a flurry of excitement I have just ordered a couple of gorgeous pastel coloured seersucker stripes that I now have to patiently wait for so that I can make a couple of one off custom samples to show off how wonderful this idea is.

Silver Sixpence can create any of their ready to wear gowns or a truly custom gown in seersucker and prices are of course substantially lower in this option due to the lower price of seersucker compared to silk, yet you still have a lovely hand sewn gown made from a natural fibre… how lovely!

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