This groovy little trend is slowly starting to emerge as an alternative to the traditional wedding cake.  Of course there is nothing vintage about this as brides in the past had very standard fruit cakes to cut but these cheese towers look amazing when having a vintage inspired wedding using a fusion of bits of old world glamour and new trends.
For those who aren’t really a sweet tooth the cheese towers can be tiered just like a regular cake and couples still get the moment of cutting their “cake” together.  As you can see from some of my favourite cheese towers they don’t just have to be boring slabs of cheese but can be decorated with fruits and flowers in a similar way to traditional cakes.
Kendall’s of Earlsdon Delicatessan
For budget conscious brides this could even be a great DIY option for a cake (and without the stress and time slaving away in a hot kitchen baking and frosting madly!).  It’s simply a matter of choosing your favourite cheese wheels in varying sizes from your local delicatessen and placing them together.  I would suggest having a chat with your delicatessen about exactly what order to place each cheese though as you don’t want a toppling tower! (Although perhaps a sneaky piece or two of dowel running through the cheeses if they are soft enough might be enough to give you some peace of mind).
Real Weddings
I just love this tower with the round piece of timber used as the base and a perfect mix of flowers and fruit.  You don’t necessarily need to have the cheese wheels all in the same shades either – as you can see you can add a lovely contrast with colourful varieties of hard and soft cheese.
I have yet to stumble across a Brisbane business who specialises in this unique alternative for a wedding cake but did find some NSW businesses that offer some truly gorgeous towers.

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