So many times the poor old groom is overlooked during wedding planning but when it comes to vintage inspired weddings I think it is really important that the groom looks and feels the part as well.
The inspiration pictures I have included in this post are by no means authentic vintage wedding wear for men.  In days gone by, grooms wear was very traditional and the type of suit that he wore was dictated by the time of day of the wedding and how formal the event was.
To set the scene I want to start off with some images from one of my favourite childhood movies “Singin in the Rain”.  For a more casual wedding there is no need for a full on suit – you could pair up a nice pair of trousers (preferably with a slightly wider leg as that was the fashion in the first half of last century and really adds to the look – email me if you would like a custom pair of trousers made as I can create men’s dress pants in standard sizes which are fabulous for dancing in!) and a white/cream button up shirt with a simple knitted sweater.
For a more formal affair I think a matching pair of trousers and waistcoat look fabulous.  There really isn’t a need for a stuffy jacket when you are going for a vintage inspired look.  Also take some time to consider the colour and texture of fabrics (you would definitely need a custom made set as it’s very hard to buy off the rack without looking too modern).  Look for shades of grey and brown with a bit of texture to it.
Paper Dolls International
Here is another example of the lovely textured waistcoat and pants in matching colours.  I also love the funky little bow tie which is just a little out of the norm.  In my opinion the fedora/trilby hat is completely overdone these days and almost takes away from the look but if that’s your thing then hey why not.
Table 6 Productions
I just love these hats – ivy caps – and how cute with just a pair of plaid pants (who would have thought plaid pants could look good!!), a simple shirt and plain suspenders.

(If you love the idea of your groom in an old school style hat there is a website that sells all sorts of vintage style hats –
Another simple yet stylish look – I love the contrast top stitching detail on the collar of his shirt (which could be easily done on a plain shirt if you hare handy with needle and thread) and what a fantastic choice of ties!  This look is a little bit more 60s / mad men inspired with the darker slimline trousers.
A coloured shirt can look great too if you don’t want to go for boring old white/cream.  The striped suspenders really adds a great contrast to it and gosh I love the rustic little boutonniere.
Just to finish off I can’t help but share a couple of little happy snaps of my gorgeous husband all dressed up and ready to head to the Burlesque Ball a few years ago.  We bought the hat and shirt, and I made his waistcoat and pants. (excuse the dodgy camera angle that looks like he has short leg syndrome!)

(I’m not a men’s tailor so I don’t offer made to measure menswear but if you love the look of the trousers or waistcoat I am more than happy to make them up in a standard size for you which can then be altered to fit perfectly by someone who fits men)

2 thoughts on “Wedding Styling: Vintage Inspired Grooms

  1. hotlipsporter

    Please! I want the exact outfit the groom is wearing in the photo above the “Table 6 Productions” caption. Wear can I find that exact outfit? Where was the photo taken…are there any photo credits? Please!!! Thanks!


  2. Silver Sixpence

    The link that says Table 6 Productions is the photo credit as in where I found that image. I have no idea where to find the outfit, its just an inspirational picture I found so your best bet is to go through that link and found out from there. Your other option would be to take the image to a tailor and have it custom made as they can work from pictures.


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