The 1930s inspired wedding dress with detachable over dress is such a lovely idea for brides who are wanting to have quite a modest/formal style gown for their reception but something fun for the reception. 

Instead of having two completely different dresses these gowns are worn together at the ceremony, often with a button up closure at the front of the bodice, and underneath is a slinky bias cut gown which is used as a slip during the ceremony.  The over dress was left open from around the waistline down to give a little peek of the gown underneath.

The over dress was often made of lace or a sheer fabric such as a chiffon or organza but sometimes were made from the same soft satin fabric as the under dress just like the first gown in this post.

There are also countless 1930s dress styles which can be converted into an over dress and slinky under dress such as this one:

This one is another absolutely gorgeous style that is part of my personal vintage pattern collection.  The coat could be made of a silk organza with a silk satin gown underneath…. absolutely gorgeous!!
If you love this idea of a separate over dress and a slinky gown underneath Silver Sixpence can work with you to create a truly unique gown.

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