Fingerwave hairstyles are just the epitome of vintage styling.  
If you are having a 1920s jazz era wedding then tight fingerwaves are the perfect look with lots of shine on your hair.  
For brides with shorter hairstyles this is one style that looks fantastic so don’t feel the pressure to grow your hair long like so many brides do!!  
The must have veil for any type of fingerwave hairstyle is a birdcage veil.  These are lovely and light so they won’t pull your hair down and ruin all of those lovely waves and work to frame the hairstyle.
Another lovely option for a veil with fingerwave hairstyles is a bridal cap like this juliet cap and veil.  Little peeks of fingerwaves framing the face underneath the lace cap is utterly gorgeous
Soft fingerwaves can be very glamorous when having a 30s/40s golden era of hollywood style wedding.  
You could also add a few vintage inspired rhinestone hair clips or combs (see some of my other posts for businesses who specialise in vintage inspired hair accessories).

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