Now this is a hairstyle dear to my heart – I just think the fabulous look of victory rolls completely sums up old world glamour. This hairstyle was insanely popular in the 1940s – women’s fashion was very simple due to rationing during the war so creative women started to add flair to their hairstyle to compensate for their simple clothing.  Generally I wouldn’t add a traditional veil to this style, but perhaps more of a short birdcage veil or a stunning hairpiece so that you can show off your hairstyle as much as possible.
Vintage Child
(this hairdresser is located in Sydney!!)
Swing Fashionista
This next bride has a hairstyle that is not exactly victory rolls but very similar with all of the lovely placed curls. (its sort of a cross between 40s victory rolls and 20s/30s fingerwaves)  I think it is one of the most stunning wedding hairstyles I have ever seen!

Ahh…. my favourite movie, The Notebook…. this is my favourite hairstyle from the film.  Again its not the full on victory rolls but another glamorous 1940s style that could work with a few rolls at the front if you want a bit of drama.
For all of the Brisbane brides out there – if you love the idea of a retro hairstyle in my opinion you can’t go past the fantastic team at Hare’s Hair…. they did my wedding hairstyle and I just loved it to bits.  They are all such a talented bunch there, I just can’t recommend them enough!!  Here is my fabulous hairstyle by Margaret:

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