I recently heard from one of my lovely Melbourne brides who I did a custom bouquet order for just before I took maternity leave for my little son.  She wanted bouquets to match her gown and bridesmaids in varying shades of silver/grey and loved the idea of scattered Swarovski crystals throughout her bouquets.  Jess’s fabulous Melbourne based photographer, Elise from Elise Kapeller Photography, has kindly shared these amazing pictures of Jess and her gorgeous wedding: For more information on Elise’s stunning… Read more »

Rebekah, one of my gorgeous brides, has just sent me through this sneak peek of her wedding dress while still on her honeymoon!!   The gown is a strapless lace drop waist bodice with a lovely full silk satin floor length skirt and sheer tulle straps that gathered on the top of her shoulders.  Gosh it looked gorgeous on her even in my sewing room so I can’t wait to see some pictures of her all made up in it… Read more »