Learn how to achieve a custom fit when using commercial dress patterns

Do you love the idea of making your own clothes that fit you absolutely perfectly? Have you bought commercial patterns in the past and felt disheartened when you thought you were sewing the right size but it didn’t end up fitting at all?

With this short one on one workshop i will take you through all of the simple steps to alter a commercial sleeveless fitted bodice dress pattern to give a custom fit for you.  From one simple dress pattern, you will have the base to create a multitude of dresses that fit you perfectly.


What you will learn:

  • How to measure yourself accurately
  • Tips and trips on working on the most appropriate starting pattern size and why previous attempts may have gone wrong
  • How to adjust a fitted bodice pattern with darts to fit your measurements
  • Use of pattern markings to allow easy dart detail transfer onto mockup fabric
  • How to fit your calico mock up and transfer fitting adjustments back to the flat pattern pieces
  • How to create a variety of skirt and neckline options for your perfectly fitting base pattern
  • How to label and store your newly made custom pattern pieces.


After only hours of tuition you will have your own amazing fit base pattern to create a wardrobe of gorgeous custom fitted dresses suitable for the office right through to the evening soiree.

We supply all of the pattern making materials needed – no pattern making experience required.  The skills learned in this class can be applied to endless commercial patterns.

It is assumed that all participants have their own sewing machine and basic sewing tools at home to cut and sew the calico mockup between sessions. Alternatively, intensive 2 hour one on one sew along sessions are available in our studio between workshop dates.  


Breakdown of tutorial days:

Session 1

  • How to measure yourself
  • Choosing the right pattern size based on your measurements
  • How to adjust the commercial pattern based on your own measurements
  • How to cut pattern pieces and tips on transferring markings to your calico


Session 2

  • Custom fitting of calico mock ups
  • How to transfer those adjustments back to the paper pattern
  • Tips on storing your custom pattern pieces
  • Variations to your original commercial pattern to give different dress design options

Over two x 2 hour one on one sessions


Optional sew along day for one on one sewing of calico mock up – Additional $100


Upcoming dates for this workshop TBA


To register your interest email melanie@silversixpence.com.au