Well hello there 2015!!  This is always a very exciting time of year for me as it not only signifies the start of a brand new year of opportunities but it is also the busiest time of year for newly engaged brides excitedly contacting me with their wedding dress ideas!  I’ve already ended up back in the studio a few days earlier than I’d planned as I’d been skimming emails (although I promised myself I wouldn’t touch emails over the break!) and have been drawn to so many fabulous dress inspiration ideas by new brides.   I couldn’t wait to get back in and touch base with them all so that we can meet soon and get chatting!!!  (did I say I have an awesome job!?!?!)

Over the break I did something else that I really enjoy – antiquing!  I found a couple of absolute gems from a local antique seller, Dirt Roads & Petticoats which gave me the opportunity to meet with Leanne who runs the business.  If you are also an avid collector of cute kitsch pieces I highly recommend online stalking her and her finds!

Now the double bonus is the pieces I got my hands on are pieces for my studio so all of you 2015 brides can enjoy them too!  I’ve attached some pics below of them before I fill them with beautiful things.  In 2015 I plan to increase my accessory pieces with bespoke hair accessories created by yours truly as well as other stockists who have pieces that I know my brides will love.  Not just veils and hair accessories but jewellery that would go perfectly with a vintage inspired wedding dress.

Kitsch retro cabinet

Kitsch mint green retro cabinet