A while back I shared some happy snaps taken of the custom dress that I created for the gorgeous Eve’s high school formal.  She chose a design from a very rare 50s sewing pattern that featured Audrey Hepburn modelling the Givenchy design (McCall’s 3788):
Her proud mum just sent me through some pictures of Eve all dressed up on the day for me to share with you all.   I think you will all agree that Eve looked absolutely stunning and it’s such a refreshing change to see a formal dress with a point of difference and some classic styling (dont get me started on what some girls choose to wear to their formal!!)
I must also congratulate Eve as she assisted her handsome partner Liam with his styling – I love, love, love his look!!!
Congratulations Eve – all the very best for the future!!

2 thoughts on “Eve’s formal dress – inspired Audrey Givenchy dress

  1. Juliette Babincak

    I would like to purchase the Givenchy for McCall’s pattern 3788 (1956?) to use for my wedding dress.
    Could you tell me if it’s available for sale? Thank you!


    1. SilverSixpence Post author

      Hi Juliette, I’ve replied to you directly – if you havent received my response feel free to drop me a line directly via the contact page.


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