Caitlin 50s Lace & Tulle Tea Length Wedding Dress

A few weeks ago I completed the gorgeous lace and tulle vintage inspired tea length wedding dress for Caitlin.  She now has the gown and is on the countdown until her big day in a few months in regional Victoria (and if I were her I’d be secretly doing dress ups every few days!!) So last post I had completed the bodice and was about to cut and sew on the full circle skirt with the gathered tulle overlay.  Once… Read more »

Silver Sixpence - Caitlin's 50s inspired lace and tulle tea length wedding dress

As a new addition to the Silver Sixpence website, after plenty of time meaning to get around to this I am starting to showcase snippets of the process behind some of the bespoke gowns that I’m working on from time to time. One of the gowns that I’m currently working on at the moment is Caitlin’s 50s inspired lace and tulle tea length wedding dress. I’ve been absolutely dying to get started on this design since we first met many… Read more »

1950s Wedding Dress Design Inspiration

A while back I shared some happy snaps taken of the custom dress that I created for the gorgeous Eve’s high school formal.  She chose a design from a very rare 50s sewing pattern that featured Audrey Hepburn modelling the Givenchy design (McCall’s 3788): Her proud mum just sent me through some pictures of Eve all dressed up on the day for me to share with you all.   I think you will all agree that Eve looked absolutely stunning… Read more »

As some of you may know I recently teamed up with Kim from Hermia’s Wishes to create The Vintage and Handmade Bride and together we have been crazy busy…. Now despite having packed up my work room to create little Caleb’s “nursery” (and I use that word very loosely as apart from a bassinette and a change table there is absolutely nothing nursery like about the poor fellas makeshift bedroom!) I was clever enough to keep my machines and basic… Read more »

This is a brand new idea of mine to help brides who are in the very beginning stages of working out their dream vintage inspired gown. Each week I will share with you a different vintage or vintage reproduction pattern for style inspiration along with some of my suggested fabrics etc.  As the main eras that I work within are the 1920s to the 1960s they will all be within those eras, however I do love a little splash of… Read more »

Recently I posted some happy snaps of one of my Toowoomba brides 1950s inspired dresses here.  Kristen had fallen in love with Audrey Hepburns wedding dress from the movie Funny Face, so we came up with a dress and veil that was very much inspired by this dress. Kristen was kind enough to take the time to send in some of the most spectacular pictures from her wedding day in some amazing Toowoomba locations along with the story of her… Read more »

I have a bit of an addiction with collecting patterns – mostly original vintage patterns. I have lost count of how many I own – I have so many that I have crates full of them stored at my husbands work!!  Although every now and then I purchase new commercial patterns if they are a style that I think will be popular or one that will save me having to create a bespoke pattern. I couldn’t believe my eyes when… Read more »