Silver Sixpence - Erins lace and chiffon romantic vintage wedding dress

Last week I was up to showing you the bodice of Erin’s lovely lace and chiffon vintage wedding dress.  The next step was to add the silk crepe and the silk chiffon overlay skirt.  Although the silk crepe has a matte texture to it Erin really wanted the extra layer of softness that comes with a silk chiffon so that she can have that lovely swoosh when she walks around on her wedding day.  To break up the bodice and… Read more »

Silver Sixpence - vintage wedding dress design sketch - Erin

I seem to be on a bit of a roll lately with working on gowns with lace bodice’s which is very lovely.  I recently completed a lovely romantic vintage wedding dress for Erin which had a bit more of a nod to the 30s and 40s compared to my usual busy workroom of 50s and 60s inspired dresses. Erin had fallen in love with elements of a few gowns so we worked together to pluck out what it was in… Read more »